Launching a New Strategy for India Programmes

P.N. Prasannakumar, March 2015
New Strategy for India Programmes

With a strong national standing, operational presence in several states and alignment with national issues, Sightsavers in India is transitioning from a regional structure to a unified national organisation. ‘Sightsavers in India’ now progresses with a unified strategic thinking intended to bring a sustainable impact, as it moves ahead with the following goals:

  • Have national programmes with broad strategies, based on which operational plans will be developed addressing regional differences. These national level programmes will be characterised by common standards and processes, align with national plans and policies, enable comparative study between base line and with other projects, and plan for impact at the beginning of the project itself.
  • Be a stronger technical resource in our three core areas i.e, Eye health, Social Inclusion and Inclusive Education. We will incorporate learnings, strengthen research processes and contribute basis our knowledge database in meetings, conferences and publications.
  • Actively engage with the National government and state governments to influence policy and practice, support their work to enhance their impact and serve as a better resource for state governments using our national level implementation experiences and partnerships.
  • Participate actively in civil society forums at national and state levels, advocating from the disability perspective, using them as a broader context for sharing of resources and ideas, helping them to develop and providing leadership where required, and
  • Establish itself as a national entity with grassroots presence, reflecting these characteristics and the diversity of depth of its experience through judicious use of media and communication.

‘Sightsavers in India’ is seen differently by the National government, State government, partners or sister agencies, beneficiaries or public. It is now being increasingly recognised by International agencies, and its image has moved from bring purely a funding agency to now being positioned as a development organisation.

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