Everything You Need to Know about Dry Eye Syndrome and Quality Eye Health

Amongst some of the common eye ailments that are seen to impact eye health in various countries is the Dry Eye Syndrome. This is a chronic eye disease that is caused by...

Sighstavers India, September 2015

Essential Eye Care Tips During Summers

Now that the summer season has finally set in, it is high time to ensure adequate eye care or proper protection to your eyes...

Sighstavers India, April 2015
Sailing Ahead on a Mission for Vision

Sailing Ahead on a Mission for Vision

The Sundarban forest, famed for its natural beauty, lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal not too far from the city of Kolkata.

Sudipta Mohanty, March 2015
Working for Sightsavers!

Working for a Cause… Working for Sightsavers!

Eye health in India may not be as important when compared to other causes but it has its own significance in one way or another.

Smitha Bala, March 2015
Fundraising for Sightsavers

Fundraising for Sightsavers

Act with vision to illuminate someone’s life, and you can make a huge impact in the country with a small action to change lives for the better.

Avijit Dey, March 2015
New Strategy for India Programmes

Launching a New Strategy for India Programmes

With operational presence in several states and alignment with national issues Sightsavers in India is transitioning to a unified national organisation.

P.N. Prasannakumar, March 2015
Envisioning a Better Tomorrow

Envisioning a Better Tomorrow

2013 has been one of the most eventful years in Sightsavers’48 year journey in India so far - now we look forward to the next five years.

RN Mohanty, March 2015
Useful Eye Care Tips on Holi

Useful Eye Care Tips on Holi

With Holi just around the corner and everyone eagerly awaiting the celebration of colours...

Sighstavers India, March 2015
Lasik Eye Operation

Healing From Lasik Eye Operation

Lasik eye operation has been one major area of interest for considerable number of people in India...

Sighstavers India, February 2015
Eye Care

Eye Care… Do You Really Care??

Did you know that proper eye care in India is a must? This is imperative especially when you consider the fact...

Sighstavers India, February 2015
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