eye care

Winter Eye Care Tips

Many times, we do not realise that a sudden drop in the outside temperature especially ...

Sighstavers India, January 2015
Tips for Elderly Persons

Sight-saving Eye Care Tips for Elderly Persons

The possibility of acquiring vision disorders significantly increases for a person after the age of 65...

Sighstavers India, December 2014
Contact Lenses

5 Things to Consider Before Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are thin discs made of soft plastic that are worn by directly placing them on the eye...

Sighstavers India, December 2014
5 Important Eye Care Tips for People Who Wear Spectacles

5 Important Eye Care Tips for People Who Wear Spectacles

Wear your glasses round the clock: Some people are careless about wearing ...

Sighstavers India, December 2014
Top Eye Health Myths

Top Eye Health Myths

I don’t need an eye exam if I can see clearly. An annual eye check can protect more than just your sight...

Sighstavers India, November 2014
Tips for Diwali

Eye Health Safety Tips for Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light. Perhaps its most iconic celebration is the colourful...

Sighstavers India, October 2014
Eye health

Why eggs are considered good for eye health and great for eye care?

Eggs are a must for kids and should also be consumed by people of all ages...

Sighstavers India, September 2014
Exercises for Eye Care

The Best Exercises for Proper Eye Care

Of all the muscles in the human body, the most hardworking are the eyes...

Sighstavers India, August 2014
Sunglasses: Where Fashion Meets Eye Health

Sunglasses: Where fashion meets eye health!

How many times have you wanted to buy the latest Ray Ban or Oakley but held back because you thought it was too expensive?...

Sighstavers India, June 2014

Five common habits that can ruin eye health & cause avoidable blindness

Avoidable blindness refers to blindness that can be prevented or treated...

Sighstavers India, June 2014
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