Eye health

Avoidable Blindness

Practical tips for maintaining eye health and avoiding blindness

Did you know that improper eye health and negligence can lead to blindness?...

Sighstavers India, May 2014
Sunglasses to best fit your face

Choosing the right sunglasses to suit your face and ensure good eye health

There are few things in life more frustrating than buying an expensive fashion accessory only to find out...

Sighstavers India, April 2014

Lotus College of Optometry - Receives Vision Plus Award for Best Optometry (Eye care)

Vision Plus Awards is an effort to honour those who have excelled in the field of vision-care and eye-wear fashion in the past year. The event …

April 2014
Image of Diabetes test

Eye health risks for people with diabetes

Diabetes is a systemic disease, i.e. it affects multiple organs and tissues in the body. The increased glucose level in the eye’s blood...

Sighstavers India, March 2014
Holi safety

Eye safety tips for Holi

All geared up to have a blast this Holi? Just make sure you play safe and do not cause harm to your eye sight...

Sighstavers India, March 2014
Child having an eye test

When should you take your child to an eye doctor?

Eyes are the windows to the world. Most of our learning and pleasure, which are essential...

Sighstavers India, February 2014
image of eye health

Home eye safety tips for children

Children are free spirits. They love to play and explore new things without any restrictions...

Sighstavers India, February 2014
photo of boy having eye test

Eye health and online support

3.3 billion people worldwide need vision correction...

Sighstavers India, January 2014
picture of a young boy

Eye health and the monsoon season

Find out why eye health is important during the monsoon season...

Sighstavers India, January 2014
Sightsavers strengthens Eye Health System of Government of Bihar

Sightsavers strengthens Eye Health System of Government of Bihar

Bihar Health System Strengthening Programme is a prestigious programme of Sightsavers…

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