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Hospital charts a record

October 2012
Hospital charts a record

To create awareness among the public on the need for preventive eye care and also to mark World Sight Day on October 12, Sankara Eye Hospital Sightsavers and Essilor jointly created what they claimed was the world’s largest vision chart here on Thursday.

The dimensions. The vision chart, measuring 7000 sq ft (100 x 70ft), was displayed on the façade of Pimento Building on Bannerghatta Road. Hospital authorities said the Snellen vision chart has been developed by doctors from Sankara Eye hospital in coordination with Sankara College of Optometry.

The letters of the chart were arranged to display the message, “I am your eyes, check me yearly,” in line with the theme of Eye Test For All, adopted by the National Programme for Control of Blindness. Similar charts were displayed in other prominent areas of the city, including Kempegowda Bus Station, City Railway Station and bus-stands across the city, a hospital spokesperson said.

Platform. On the occasion, the hospital also set up a creative platform for 30 visually impaired children from various schools in the city. A unique workshop, Insight: Clay Modelling, Many Ways of Seeing, was also organised.

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