Sightsavers’ programme partnership policy

Sightsavers defines partnership as a mutually beneficial and interactive relationship which is agreed for a specific purpose and which works towards a shared goal of positive programme impact.

Sightsavers considers partnerships to be of vital and fundamental importance in the way it works towards achieving its mission. The ultimate purpose of working in partnership is to increase the positive effects for the intended beneficiaries. There are both short and long-term benefits of working in partnership.

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Sightsavers stories

Soni's story

Soni is eight years old and resides in Jehanabad district of Bihar.

Sightsavers stories

Vibha's story

11-year-old Vibha studies in a government school for economically weaker sections in Jehanabad, Bihar.

Sightsavers stories

Aliya’s story

With the help of Low Vision Devices six year old Aliya was finally able to read and regularly attend school in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.