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Top Eye Health Myths

Top Eye Health Myths

Sightsavers 04 November 2014

I don’t need an eye exam if I can see clearly. An annual eye check can protect more than just your sight... Continue reading

Tips for Diwali

Eye Health Safety Tips for Diwali

Sightsavers 20 October 2014

Diwali is the festival of light. Perhaps its most iconic celebration is the colourful... Continue reading

Eye health

Why eggs are considered good for eye health and great for eye care?

Sightsavers 02 September 2014

Eggs are a must for kids and should also be consumed by people of all ages... Continue reading

Exercises for Eye Care

The Best Exercises for Proper Eye Care

Sightsavers 26 August 2014

Of all the muscles in the human body, the most hardworking are the eyes... Continue reading


While buying sunglasses how to ensure good eye health?

Sightsavers 30 June 2014

Now that you know just how beneficial sunglasses are for your eye health... Continue reading

eye care while swimming

How to ensure proper eye care while swimming?

Sightsavers 30 June 2014

Out of the various organs in the body the eye is considered to one of the most delicate... Continue reading

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