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Home eye safety tips for children

Sightsavers 20 February 2014 image of eye health

Children are free spirits. They love to play and explore new things without any restrictions. Their excitement and inexperience with the world often puts them at risk for eye injuries, even under ordinary circumstances. It is therefore important to ensure kids are under constant supervision no matter what they do. Most eye health problems and injuries in children occur due to:

  • Mishandling of toys and common household objects such as pencils, utensils and cutlery
  • Humping into furniture or falling off the stairs
  • Coming into contact with harmful chemicals and products such as insecticides, paint or glue
  • Automobile mishaps and accidents

The risk of eye injuries can be greatly reduced in children by taking the following simple safety measures:

  • Identifying all sharp corners and edges in household fixtures and furniture and covering them with protective padding and cushions
  • Discouraging all unsupervised sport and leisure activities that may cause trauma to the eyes
  • Buying age-appropriate toys for children and following the accompanying safety instructions
  • Avoiding flying and projectile-shooting toys such as guns, bows and darts
  • Avoiding toys with pointed protrusions, spikes and sharp edges
  • Making sure all cosmetics, toiletries, cutlery and desk supplies are stored outside the reach of children
  • Appropriately labelling and storing insecticides, fertilizers, petrol, paint and other harmful chemicals in a secure area

Additionally, parents must ensure children are properly tucked into the back seat of the car and wear safety belts during travel. During the holiday season, children should not be allowed to play with firecrackers, artificial colours or water guns. And in case of any injury, emergency health services should be contacted immediately.

Sightsavers hopes that by following these simple tips and instructions, your children will be able to enjoy themselves and have fun without causing any serious harm to their eye health.

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