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Anjaneya, a cheerful and energetic 14-year-old of Hegdenagar, Bangalore, is the child of labourers who earn daily wages and can barely manage to make ends meet. He studies in the eighth standard of the Government Higher Primary School.

Anjaneya lost vision in his left eye in 2008, while he was chopping firewood. The splinter that hit his left eye, damaged it badly and dislocated the eyeball. He was rushed to a hospital and though the eyeball was pushed back, he lost his sight in that eye. Even an operation did not help and doctors advised that further surgeries would affect the nerves and damage his other eye, too.

Sankara Eye Hospital, a Sightsavers’ supported partner, identified Anjaneya through Nanna Kannu’s school screening programme and began treating him. The Hospital conducts regular check-ups for him and also gives him medicines to manage the pain that he sometimes has in his eye.

With the support from the Hospital and from the staff of his school, Anjaneya is hopeful about his future and is studying to become a policeman when he grows up.

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Sightsavers and Oracle collaborate to promote positive and enabling environment for children with visual impairment through education

Sightsavers, in collaboration with Oracle India, has launched the Inclusive Education project in multiple locations across India.

August 2022
Sightsavers stories

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Sightsavers stories

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