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Vandana's story

'Vandana excels at school!'

Vandana lost her eye sight to measles at the age of three. Her parents – both daily wage labourers in Banjar village in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur district – were still determined to put her in school. However, their determination soon became shaky after she failed to get promoted to the next class three years in a row.

When Sightsavers’ partner Tarun Sanskar (TASK) discovered Vandana during a baseline survey, they immediately appointed an Inclusive Education teacher to assist her in her studies. She showed quick progress, learning the braille alphabet in three months. Through Sightsavers’ efforts, her school was able to procure braille books for her, as well as sports equipment such as bocce ball from the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. Other necessary learning equipment such as Brailler, Taylor Frame, braille slate and abacus was provided by Sightsavers.

Vandana visited the Dumna National Airport, Gugua Fossil Park, and Rani Durgavati University and Museum along with other visually impaired girls as part of our Inclusive Education project. The visits increased her in confidence and kindled a desire to succeed in her education and experience a world beyond her own village.

Her parents’ belief in her abilities is back.

Vandana is now performing extremely well in school despite losing her eye sight. She is in the seventh grade. Her favorite subjects are English and Hindi. She wants to become a school teacher when she grows up. Her parents’ belief in her abilities is back.

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Sightsavers stories

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Sightsavers stories

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Sightsavers stories

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