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The Maths wizard

Soni is eight years old and resides in Jehanabad district of Bihar. Soni is blind since birth however, having sight would not seem too important a thing once you get to see her enthusiasm for life.

Soni studies in a government school and lives in a residential girls’ secondary school run by the Government of India for the economically weaker sections in Bihar- one of the core states of Sightsavers. Under the Inclusive Education Programme, with support from HCL, Sightsavers has been allocating all kinds of accessible devices required by children with visual impairment for educational, recreational and mobility purposes in the government schools of the state.

While Soni’s teacher praised her progress over the past couple of years, she quietly solved the mathematical calculations. Maths, a subject which is often seen as dreary and difficult, a subject to be endured rather than to be enjoyed is like a child’s play for Soni. She solved all mathematical questions with such ease that maths seemed like playing a simple game.

Soni’s teachers said that she was beyond wise when compared to children her age. In future, Soni aspires to become a teacher and a source of inspiration for children with visual impairment.

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Sightsavers and inclusive education

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From the Field

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