Eye health

Working for Sightsavers!

Working for a Cause… Working for Sightsavers!

Eye health in India may not be as important when compared to other causes but it has its own significance in one way or another.

Sightsavers Launches Mobile Vision Centre Boats in Sunderbans to Promote Quality Eye Health

Keeping quality eye health in mind, Sightsavers in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank launches a mobile vision centre boat in the Sunderbans.

Useful Eye Care Tips on Holi

Useful Eye Care Tips on Holi

With Holi just around the corner and everyone eagerly awaiting the celebration of colours, adequate care for the eyes or proper eye care is a must.

Lasik Eye Operation

Healing From Lasik Eye Operation

The Lasik eye operation has been one major area of interest for a considerable number of people in India due to the easier recovery time.

Eye Care

Eye Care… Do You Really Care??

Did you know that proper eye care in India is a must when you consider the level of pollution and unhygienic conditions we put up with every day?

eye care

Winter Eye Care Tips

Many times, we do not realise that a sudden drop in the outside temperature especially during winters can pose a threat to our eyes.

Tips for Elderly Persons

Sight-saving Eye Care Tips for Elderly Persons

The possibility of acquiring vision disorders significantly increases for a person after the age of 65, so here are some top eye care tips for older people.


VIDYAJYOTI - National School Eye Health Programme - launched in Cuttack

The National School Eye Health Programme will provide free eye health services to around 3.50 lakh children covering 2,500 schools in the district.

Contact Lenses

5 Things to Consider Before Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are thin discs made of soft plastic that are worn by directly placing them on the eye, and they are becoming increasingly common.

5 Important Eye Care Tips for People Who Wear Spectacles

5 Important Eye Care Tips for People Who Wear Spectacles

Some people are careless about wearing spectacles because they think it doesn’t suit their face or is unfashionable or are afraid of people teasing them.

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