Eye health

Shaukat sees a clearer future

Shaukat's Story

A tailor by profession, Shaukat Farookh works in a small shop and relies upon his spectacles, as poor vision could end his livelihood.

eye health

Yashoda's story

Forty three year old homemaker, Yashoda Sonavane, suffered from frequent headaches and had difficulty reading because of poor eye health.

Best decision he ever made!

Beru's story

When Beru heard about the availability of cataract surgery in his area his friends tried to dissuade him despite the fact that he was almost blind.

'I can see again!'

Anisha's story

Anisha’s family realised she had a sight problem when she was a baby, but ten years later she was identified and diagnosed with bilateral cataract.

Sunglasses: Where Fashion Meets Eye Health

Sunglasses: Where fashion meets eye health!

How many times have you wanted to buy the latest Ray Ban or Oakley but held back because you thought it was too expensive? Well, think again.

Five common habits that can ruin eye health & cause avoidable blindness

This article draws your attention towards common unhealthy habits that cause harm to your eyes, and if unchecked, could result in avoidable blindness.

eye care while swimming

How to ensure proper eye care while swimming?

Out of the various organs in the body the eye is considered to be one of the most delicate and sensitive organs, and eye injuries can happen at any time.


While buying sunglasses how to ensure good eye health?

Now that you know just how beneficial sunglasses are for your eye health, you’re probably thinking of buying a pair for yourself.

Eat Grapes for Better Eye Care

Eat grapes for better eye care!

Grapes – whether red, green or black – are a delightful, refreshing fruit that are low on calories and high on water-content.

‘Vitamin A’ Deficiency and Avoidable Blindness

‘Vitamin A’ deficiency and avoidable blindness

We’ve all heard our moms tell us how carrots are good for the eyes, probably right after we refuse to eat them in our salad.

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