Archana’s story

A social inclusion programme in her district motivated Archana to learn about her rights and entitlements to become the kind of leader we all need.

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Bike Riders of Bengaluru Join Hands with Sightsavers to Create Awareness on Eye Care for Children ~ A Visionary Ride ~

Bengaluru: Bike riders of different riding (biking) clubs of Bengaluru got together on a Sunday morning in a one-of-its kind initiative by Sightsavers

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Sightsavers Celebrates World Diabetes Day in Bihar by Keeping an ‘Eye on Diabetes’

Diabetes is a ticking bomb which is gradually engulfing a large populace in the country

Smog Not Just Affects your Lungs, But Can Harm Your Eyes Too

Seeing is believing and what you get to see these days is no hogwash - don't be surprised if everything in your surroundings seems blurry.

Ensuring Proper Eye Care - Avoiding “Mascary” Situations with Makeup

We’ve all done it at one time or another - when applying mascara we get a little too close to our eyeballs and the result is a teary, black mess.

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Special Cover Released by India Post on 50 Successful Years of Sightsavers in India

With the release of a special cover by the India Post, Sightsavers commemorated its 50 years of successful achievements in India.

How to Ensure Quality Eye Care through Protection from Pollution

Pollution is a huge menace and has been seen to work as a catalyst when it comes to infection and diseases which impact eye health on a vicious scale.

Herbs for Eye Health

Everything You Need to Know on Herbs and Eye Health

In a country like India, herbs and spices seem to be an essential ingredient of most meals as served at home or at the office or while dining outside.

We’ve won an award for our work on disability data disaggregation in India!

About 600 delegates from all the key organisation and Hospitals engaged in Eye Care were present during the Conference. More than 10 papers were presented.

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Sightsavers Organises Vision Rajasthan 2019 'A CSR Conclave to Sensitise Corporates on Importance of Eye Care'

The prime objective of the conclave was to sensitise corporates and make them aware of how the sector transformed after the CSR law had come into effect.

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